The Neimoidian Queen

Day 19 of The 20 Day Star Wars Challenge  

Favourite battle: The lightsaber fight on board the second Death Star

This is an internal battle if nothing else, with Luke facing temptation by the Dark Side while trying to redeem his father, and Darth Vader torn between his loyalty to his master and his love for his son. This is an ultimate climax of emotion, that’s been building since Bespin. How much pain it must cause Luke to know that his father is the galaxy’s most feared entity. As epic as the lightsaber fight is in Episode III, I think this one is just full of pathos and emotion. The moment when Luke is hiding from Darth Vader, he just seems so scared and innocent, as though he’s just desperately trying to will the battle away.

And while all this is going on, the most epic space battle in the saga is taking place!

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