The Neimoidian Queen

Day 20 of The 20 Day Star Wars Challenge  

Jedi or Sith?: Jedi

Hoo boy. I consider myself pretty Force-neutral in matters like this; I prefer, instead, to align myself with the Neimoidians and the Separatists. Given the choice, however, between the Jedi and the Sith, I much prefer the Jedi. I think the Sith are too consumed with powerlust, and their ways are filled with too much bloodshed…besides, they destroyed a bunch of Neimoidians. Not one Jedi in the films (barring the deleted scenes) killed a Neimoidian; it was either a Sith Lord or a little boy. 

Back to the Jedi, I do have an appreciation for their pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and peace, and I respect their record-keeping. But there’s a lot about them I don’t agree with. For one, their taking of children from their families to be trained. For another, their forbidding of attachments. For me, that’s kind of silly. If you don’t feel such passion and attachment to anything, then you’ve got nothing to “fight” for. I also think that, for all their wisdom, they were exceptionally naive during the Clone Wars, and they lose a massive amount of points for allying themselves with a political body.

WOO! I did it! My first Star Wars challenge complete!

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